WAE Technologies specializes is web development and web hosting for small to medium sized businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Integration with the Titan administration interface allows for easy maintenance of our websites.
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Jumpstart Your Business

We can help you jumpstart your business with a website. Would you like to grow your business by 5%, 10%... well how about 20% or 30%, but simply investing a few hours of your time a week with a tool that will bring your business exposure and put the information your Clients need to make a decision right in front of them.

Take a moment to learn how you can incorporate a website into your business and help grow your business:

Interact with your customers

A website is more than just a one-way street--you send a message to your customers. While it is true that a vast majority of websites are just that, there is so much more that can be done. Imagine being able to ask you customers' opinions about your latest products, or being able to allow your customers to add themselves to your mailing list. Here are a few examples of how a website can interact with the customers:

Provide up-to-date information

A website can be a wonderful avenue to provide to you customers the latest information about your products and services. With a website created by WAE Technologies, you can expect to be able to update the information on the website with minimal effort and without any knowledge of how to program the web. We can help you do the following:

Close the sale

Increase the chances of being able to close a sale by providing better and more detailed information to your clients about your products and services, provide a mechanism through which they can browse and learn more about available products and services, and lastly provide an quick avenue for them to make a selection or purchase of your products and services. The Internet makes these keys to success much easier to obtain on a national level, not just to those people who are able to visit your storefront.