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Database Integration

I've heard of Databases, but don't know which is best

Databases are very complex pieces of software and there are lots of options as to which to use. Some are expensive (such as Oracle), and some are even free! However, you often get what you pay for. The industry leading database for enterprise development is Microsoft's SQL Server. It is a robust database that does not carry the heavy cost of Oracle and does not carry the limitations of free databases such as MySQL. Microsoft has built a legacy with its SQL Server and it is positioned to be an industry standard for many years to come. It is for this reason we stay with the industry leading databases and proven technologies. We employ industry accepted standards that allow for maximum expandability and growth as the business needs change.

Why would I want a Database?

A database allows a website to do more than just "sit out there" and let people read it. Simply put, a database lets your website grow, change, and may even help it solve some of your business needs. A database allows for real interaction with the client and creates a much more rich experience. WAE Tech Inc is experienced with all major databases, including MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2k, My SQL, Postgre SQL, Sybase ASA/ASE, Access, and Oracle.

Databases are a defacto requirement for e-commerce, online publication and syndication, events calendars, and customer support tools. We plan every application around industry standard tools such as Microsoft's SQL Server 2k.

What else can a database do for my website?

Here are some examples of things that a database will allow your website to include:

What sorts of things can WAE Tech do?

Architecture Planning

As solid database structure is one that supports both existing and future needs. We strive, with every database, to create a platform that is flexible, yet quick. Proper implementation of Normal Form (NF) is paramount to creating a structure that will expand as necessary. Our relational database solutions ensure operation speed, data integrity, and expandability. By utilizing a bottom-up approach we take a look at the entire process and generate a solution that is fundamentally sound. By putting more logic into the database layer we help provide a solution that is compatible with more middle-tier solutions, necessitates less coding in the middle-tier, and promotes scalability.


A database, no matter how complex or simple, needs proper documentation. During the life-cycle of any project requirements change that mandate changes to the database structure. Proper documentation ensures that decisions regarding changing the structure can be made with the best information available. This helps safeguard the client against lost data and time. We utilize entity relationship diagramming (ERD), Unified Modeling Language (UML), and other industry standard practices for documentation.

Data Conversion and Integration

Data conversion and integration are some of the most important and challenging tasks that a database project can entail. Our systematic approach, using the fundamentals of black box theory, I/O specification, and iterative stepping, ensures data consistency throughout the process. Even if your system is broken, out dated, or simply untrustworthy, our experience allows us to find a solution to move your data to a solid platform.

Typical data sources that we can work with:

Note: Data conversion and integration can be one of the most taxing parts of web development, and therefore one of the most expensive parts of the project. It's important to find the team that will handle your data carefully and confidentially. There are quite a few factors to consider when converting data and WAE Tech has the experience to get the conversion done quickly, correctly, and completely.

Complex Automated Processes

Automates processes are special in that they often times happen without user intervention. Because of this they need to be solid, fail-safe, and restartable in the event of an unforeseen problem. Through extensive usage of all available resources, to include SQL Agents, Data Transformation Services (DTS), ActiveX controls, and VB Script we are able to find a solution even the most complicated of tasks.

General Consultation

We can review your needs and suggest a database solution; or, if you already have a database, evaluate its functionality and suggest improvements.

Please contact us for more information.