WAE Technologies specializes is web development and web hosting for small to medium sized businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Integration with the Titan administration interface allows for easy maintenance of our websites.
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Online Marketing Services

Our Online Portfolio

If you are interested in seeing a few of the websites we've put together for our clients, please check out our online portfolio.

Content Growth Services

The old adage that "Content is King" is still true and is ˝ of the most important factors in search engine placement. Imaging trying to hit a street sign with a rock thrown from 30 yards. Most of us couldn't do it. Now, imagine that you are standing 30 yards from a rock wall with the same goal-can you imagine how much easier it would be? The same idea applies to websites. If you have a small website, say 5-10 pages, there's a chance that a client could do a Google search and find something on your site. Make that site grow by a few pages each month and suddenly your clients are hitting a much bigger target. We will facilitate the growth of your site by providing as much or as little assistance as you require. We can give you timely reminders to generate content, take pictures, and help you publish your words… or we can seek out existing content, acquire the rights to republish this material, and take care of all the details for you (except final approval! It is YOUR SITE after all!!).

Inbound Link Management

Ok, so what is the other important factor of search engine placement? Simply put, your site must be liked by the right people! You may ask "How does Google know which sites are liked?" The answer is simpler than you may think-whenever a site links to your site they are effectively vouching for your site.

Think of it this way: let's say you are in the market for a new lawnmower. You ask your friends and family and the following brands are suggested:
Brand Times Mentioned
Craftsman 4
John Deere 5
Murray 3
Husqvarna 14

Which brand would you likely investigate first? Even if the Husqvarna models cost a bit more, do you think you'd be more willing to buy that model?

The same logic applies to websites-the more times the website is mentioned (ok, in this case we mean linked to!) the better impression that Google has about your site and the higher up on the search results the site will be. Having a lot of inbound links could be the difference between being at the top of page 17 or the bottom of page 2. Where would you rather be?

We will help you by seeking out related sites and getting your site and services listed. And, in just the same way that you'd ignore a lawnmower recommendation from a guy with horrible mechanical sense, we'll avoid putting your link on sites that are not quality. Search engines think like we do-a link from a bad site is actually hurtful to your placement.

Specific Services Include:

Social Network Management

We've all heard the analogy from the "next best thing in marketing". I can't tell you how many times I've heard "don't fish with a fishing pole and a hook, cast out a big net and get many fish at the same time." Let me tell you frankly, it doesn't end there. Yes folks, it actually can be even easier. Let me explain how.

Imagine throwing away your fishing pole and net, and instead being able to ask the fish where their buddies are and subsequently recruiting those same fish to bring their buddies to you. Can you imagine how much easier that would be than casting a pole-or even a net-all day?

Pay-Per-Click Management

Did you know that you must put bids on every combination of keyword in order to have your paid advertisement show up on search engines? You heard me correctly, if you don't specifically say that you want to show up for "new convertible cars", then somebody typing in "new convertible cars" will never see your ad! Many of our clients used to spend up to 20 hours a week manipulating their bids on keywords to maximize their return on investment. That's 20 hours a week not spent doing the work they love and making money. We can help you by managing your Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Specific services include: