WAE Technologies specializes is web development and web hosting for small to medium sized businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Integration with the Titan administration interface allows for easy maintenance of our websites.
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Dynamic Website Hosting

As explained before, Dynamic sites, on the other hand, are much more complicated. The information on the pages may be changing frequently. Examples include news sites and online stores. Updating dynamic pages requires a knowledge of computer programming that is well outside of what most clients are comfortable. A dynamic hosting account is required for websites in this category.

Advanced Administration System

Take control of your website, and save money!

No long rely on the web developer to make small updates to your site. We provide you tools that will allow you to easily make changes to your website.

Key Features

Easy of Use

Our Advanced Administration System is now easier to use than ever. With integrated context-sensitive help, content searches, and a standardized interface you'll never wonder where to go next. Once you learn how to change one thing on your website, you've essentially learned how to change everything on your website.

Content is Updated Automatically

There is no reason to wait for updates to happen to your website. Using WAE Tech Inc's Advanced Administration System will enable you to make changes to your website that you can instantly view on the public site. This is perfect for when you have a must-see item that you want on your site and you don't have time for someone else to put it up for you!

Manage Search Engines

Update information on your site that will give you an edge with the search engines. Automatically cater the META keywords and META description for most pages to maximize search engine placement. Easily add any number of pages to you website using our Static Page Manager to increase your website's footprint on the web.

See Who's Visiting the Website

With our reports (which are updated daily) you can watch your traffic counts grow. Each day, see what people are using to find your site on the web-which search engines they are using, which keywords they are using, and how many pages they visit on your site.

Per User Privileges

Easily define rules that allow only certain people access to certain areas of the Advanced Administration System. Example, you may want people from Marketing to login but only have access to the Banner, Testimonials, Events Calendar, and Statistics. Other tools, such as Articles and Documents may be restricted to the Editors only. The system is taking load off your back by protecting itself using rules that YOU define!

Pre-Built Applications

Take advantage of pre-built applications when creating your website. WAE Tech Inc has pre-built a powerful (yet simple) web calendar, an articles publication tool that even YOU can figure out, and a weighted banner tool… to name a few. Take a look at the following screenshots.

The events on your calendar are arranged for easy access and editing. Adding a new event is simply a matter of clicking the "Add Event" button, filling out a simple form, and hitting save. The Advanced Administration System handles all the hard work to make the event appear on the calendar.

Easily find articles using the search box, or create a new article very easily. Fill out the simple form and watch how the Advanced Administration System automatically formats your article for perfect presentation for you. You save time and money because you no longer need outside help!

Grow with your Business

WAE Technologies' administrative tools are highly extensible and can grow with your business. We can build custom tools from scratch or extend an existing application as YOUR needs change. We can also remove those features that you find to be more distracting than helpful.

Additional Technologies

Dynamic sites require additional technology to function, including databases and SSL (secure communication for sites that handle sensitive information such as Credit Cards and Social Security Numbers). Prices for these hosting add-ons are listed below.

Database Support $15/month
SSL Support/Static IP $10/month
Details about our maintenance pages can be found here.